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Achieve internationally recognised standards

ISO certification and NZ Standards deliver high-level business benefits. Internationally recognised accreditation has been proven to improve organisational reputation, performance and profits.

Getting certified with a Telarc audit is an opportunity to improve business processes that mitigate risk and also embed best practice to deliver ongoing positive results. It helps you win more business and retain staff by instilling trust in your organisational systems. Telarc was established as a Crown Entity to be a standards auditing body and business improvement partner that helps Kiwi businesses succeed.

ISO accreditation and NZ Standards

Telarc has been New Zealand's leading business certification body for internationally recognised standards such as ISO and NZ Standards since 1973. Let us help your business attain certification too.
Employers are legally obliged to implement effective health & safety management. Find out more.
Effective environmental management is not only good for the world, it’s good business. Find out more.
ISO 9001 is the most respected quality management system in the world. Find out more.
Any business supplying food in New Zealand must meet important requirements. Find out more.
Assets are a massive investment that need to be protected and used well. Find out more.
In medical matters, everybody insists on impeccable standards. Find out more.
Manage the security of valuable confidential data entrusted to you. Find out more.
Under law, all large gas & electricity suppliers must meet the NZS 7901 public safety standard. Find out more.

Achieving Certification with Telarc

Contact Telarc using our quote request form and we will help you through the process to achieve the certification(s) your organisation strives for.

The standards can be complex, but we’ve made it easy with simplified self-evaluation checklists that break down what you need to have implemented to meet the requirements of the standard. You can use the checklist to determine to what extent you already meet the requirements to become accredited, and which gaps need to be addressed.

Once you’re satisfied that your organisation meets the requirements, Telarc will audit your systems and either issue the certification or identify non-conformances that you need to address before certification is granted.

After you have achieved certification, Telarc will perform an annual audit to ensure that your organisation continues to meet the required standards.

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