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    Public Safety

    Adventure Tourism


    Forestry Chain of Custody



    BRC field
    Reason for Request
    Company Information
    Contact Person
    Company Communication
    Management Representative Information
    eg; 2x management, 4x labourers 2x sales etc
    Scope of Business
    Please list the products/services that you offer. Identify seasonal products/services you wish to be included in the scope of certification.
    If yes please specify which body and for what standard.
    Please specify any special Compliance, Legal or Customer requirements, and any previous compliance actions or infringements.

    Are you using a consultant to develop your system or undertake internal audits?

    Please specify when you would like your audit conducted.

    For each of the additional offices and worksites that you wish to include in this application we will require some additional information.

    For each site please provide; Physical address, Core Processes, Number of FTE's at the site, Number of Shifts at the site.
    If you are interested in BRC or FSSC please also provide Facility area (m2) and Number of HACCP plans onsite.

    Environmental Management Systems

    For certification to ISO 14001 Please indicate the types of aspects and impacts relevant to your sites and operations.

    Discharge of contaminants to Air

    Discharge of contaminants to Land

    Discharge of contaminants to Water

    Significant quantities of waste created/stored/disposed of by sites.

    Sites emit significant quantities of heat, light or radiation.

    Onsite storage/use of hazardous substances and goods (includes asbestos).

    Sites have Resource Consents.

    Sites have Trade waste consents of Air discharge permits

    Do you have an existing certification (FSSC or ISO 22000)?

    Type of Food Act Risk Based Measure: (Verification Services only)

    FCP Custom Type

    Additional Information Required for Food Control Plan (FCP)

    Do you have an existing MPI registration number

    Registered with:

    If not currently registered who do you intend to register your food control plan/National Programme with?

    Are you operating in:

    You are:

    Required for WSE

    WSE Quote request form

    Health and Safety Management Systems

    This is required for AS/NZS 4801 / BS OHSAS 18001, Asbestos or ISO 45001

    For certification of Safety Management Systems please indicate the types of hazards relevant to your sites and operations.

    Dangerous Goods.

    Vehicle/Pedestrian interaction (including fork-lifts).

    Powered plant (including building plant rooms)

    Other plant (including scaffolding) or mechanical hazards.

    Manual handling (includes occupational overuse Syndrome).

    Hazardous substances (includes asbestos).

    Atmospheric contaminants other than hazardous substances

    Use of ionising or non-ionising radiation.

    Confined Spaces.

    Slips, trips and falls.


    Thermal environment

    Below ground work environment

    Storage and/or use of explosives

    Electrical hazards

    Pressurised environment

    Threats of bullying, violence or occupational assault.

    Sites classed as major hazard facilities.

    Other significant OHS risks:

    NZS 7901 Safety Management System Facility Questionnaire

    Please specify your industry sector/s

    Please specify any other certifications currently held by the organisation.

    Have any previous NZS 7901 assessments, certifications or reviews been undertaken?

    Has a consultant been used to develop or audit your SMS system?

    Audit Type Required?

    Please provide web link if available.

    Summary of main types and quantity of assets relevant to Public Safety.

    (Electricity Substations, Poles, Transformers, Power line lengths etc.) (Gas network entry points, district pressure regulating stations, strategic network isolation valves, cathodic protection, odorisation monitoring points, and gas measuring systems etc.)
    If required use multiple copies of this form or attach a suitable list or matrix to indicate different sites, asset types and quantity.
    The applicant warrants that the information provided in this application form is correct.

    Approx number of staff (FTE), including contractors, whose duties impact on the public, by job type:

    DeclarationsOur terms of business can be found here