Food Safety

Woolworths Supplier Excellence (WSE)

The Woolworths Supplier Excellence (WSE) standard applies to companies who supply fresh foods and Woolworths brands into the Woolworths and Progressive supermarkets within New Zealand and Australia. The WSE standard is bench-marked against global food standards and international retailing best practice. The standard focuses on food safety, quality and legality. Woolworths requires the provision of consistently safe products of the highest quality. WSE certification provides an assurance to Woolworths and Progressive that the WSE standard is being maintained effectively.

Certification is specific to:

  • The products the Woolworths Business Team have nominated you to supply
  • The individual premises from which these products are supplied

Each product category has its own unique requirements. A list of each category requirements, plus further information on the certification process and the WSE standard can be found on the Woolworths website.

Telarc has approved auditors who are authorised to conduct WSE audits on behalf of SAI Global Ltd. Telarc also has the ability to integrate and combine audits which has the benefits of reduced time on site and costs to your company.

Certification Process

  • You need to be invited by Woolworths or Progressive to join the WSE programme. There is a two-step registration process. Firstly, the company must register for the programme, and then you must nominate your certification body.
  • Contact us to start the certification process, one of our auditors will talk you through the application and certification process.
  • The audit process begins with a gap audit to assess how far away your systems are from the WSE standard. You will receive a report, which outlines any gaps that require completion prior to the certification audit.
  • Following this one of our highly experienced auditors will conduct the certification audit. Please ensure that production is running on the day of this audit. At the end of the audit, the auditor will leave you with a list of corrective actions. Once the corrective actions have been cleared, then certification will be recommended to Woolworths.
  • A certificate will be issued directly from Woolworths (Australia).
  • Ongoing audits are then conducted on a six monthly basis. The time spent on site will be dependent on the size and complexity of the business.