Health & Safety

AS/NZS 4801 Health and Safety Management Systems

The AS/NZS 4801 certification is used as the benchmark to assess Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems for organisations.

ISO 4801: Health & Safety Certification

Why is a health & safety management system important?

Managing the health and safety of your most valuable resource, your employees, is vital to the success of all organisations. Poor performance in occupational health and safety (OHS) leads to massive costs for all businesses due to work-related illnesses, injuries, and even fatalities.

How can occupational health and safety be managed?

Organisations can help to protect themselves and their employees by implementing an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). This ensures your business:

  • Has an effective OHS policy and objectives.
  • Can establish, assess, and review its own OHS procedures.
  • Can demonstrate its commitment to OHS to others, via self-declaration or certification.

AS/NZS 4801 Additional Health and Safety Management Standard

To help organisations develop and implement AS/NZS 4801, a complementary standard has been developed: 

AS/NZS 4804: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems - General Guidelines on Principles, Systems and Supporting Techniques.

This standard contains vital information about meeting legal requirements and invaluable guidance on how to establish sustained improvement in health and safety performance in your business.