Health & Safety

Q-Safe Code | Quality Management System

Quality and Health and Safety Integrated

Small to medium sized businesses will find the Telarc Q-Safe Code ideal for integrating their quality and health and safety management systems. You will gaining significant efficiencies and a simpler programme for all staff to participate in.

Telarc Q-Safe Code provides small and medium sized businesses with a recognised quality management system based on our Q-Base Code, and incorporates basic health and safety management.

Telarc Q-Safe Code has also been adapted for the Roading and Civil construction industry.

The critical health and safety standard requirements covered by this programme are:

  • Health and safety policy and objectives
  • Health and safety coordinator
  • Health and safety employee representatives
  • Health and safety meetings
  • Site health and safety inspections
  • Access to current health and safety documents
  • Health surveillance
  • Health and safety and your customer
  • Health and safety considerations in purchasing
  • Contractor management
  • Hazard identification, assessment and control
  • Training
  • Plant maintenance
  • Accident and incident reporting, investigation and analysis

Refer to the Telarc Q-Base Code for the quality management components.