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Telarc and ISO 45001 – the landscape is changing (see video blogs here)

Telarc and ISO 45001 – the landscape is changing

ISO 45001

  • The Health & Safety landscape in NZ changes from this March with the introduction on March 12 of the globally developed ISO 45001 standard.
  • This new standard is designed to identify and reduce risk across your organisation, to bring top leadership more into health and safety management and to improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce.
  • There is much to be learned about the new standards and how they will be interpreted and applied in New Zealand. Telarc’s focus in the months ahead is to identify the rules that will accompany the new standard, and how these can be applied to enhance your business.
  • Please be assured that at whatever stage you may be on the H&S certification cycle, we have plenty of time to ensure you will be in the best position to not just comply, but to benefit from the introduction of the new standard.
  • We will provide regular updates for you as we learn more, and will post these on this site along with further short videos designed to help you understand the implications of ISO 45001 for your operation.

Read what ISO has to say about ISO 45001

View Telarc chief executive Philip Cryer discussing the introduction of ISO 45001 to New Zealand in March:

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Week 1 Introduction to ISO45001 in the NZ market and the pending changes to NZ's Health & Safety regulatory system.

Week 2 The intentions, focus and benefits of ISO45001.

Week 3 What does ISO45001 mean for officers and workers?

Week 4 ISO45001 answering your questions part 1.

Week 5 ISO45001 answering your questions part 2.

Week 6 What is Annex SL

Week 7 Introduction to the Telarc 45001 Checklist

Week 8 A recap of our progress to date

Week 9 Where to next for the ACC Health & Safety Scheme

Week 10 Adoption of 45001 as a local standard

Week 11 (see above) H&S schemes for beginners

If you have concerns or questions, please send these to us and we will respond directly. We will develop an FAQ section as part of our providing the most comprehensive repository of information about ISO45001.

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