Q-Base Code: 2001 | ISO 9001

Telarc Q-Base provides an excellent alternative to the full standard


When your business lacks the resources to implement a full quality management system using the full ISO 9001 standard, Telarc Q-Base provides an excellent alternative.

Developed by Telarc specifically for small and medium sized businesses, the Q-Base Code is based upon the ISO 9001 quality system standards. It enables you to implement basic management disciplines to assure quality of products and services.

Characteristically, businesses that have adopted the Q-Base Code:

  • Employ less than ten people
  • Rarely employ staff who are quality management professionals.
  • Are managed by the owner who has a strong hands-on role and spends after-hours on paperwork.
  • Work on low profit margins
  • Rarely have a documented system and procedures manual.

These are the eight clauses in the Q-Base Code: 2001, each helping to focus on the critical aspects of operating an effective management system:

  • Management of the quality system
  • Control of documents and records
  • Customers' needs
  • Purchasing
  • Training and work instructions
  • Inspecting and control of substandard work
  • Continual Improvements
  • Association, Industry or other criteria

Over 600 businesses in New Zealand have improved the way they operate and perform using the Q-Base management system. Refer to our Q-Base Case Studies and the information brochure Telarc Q-Base Certification.

For further information about Q-Base certification for your business please phone one of our advisors, check our contact page for contact details