How to achieve certification with Telarc

1. Request a quote and tell us which certification(s) your organisation wants to attain.

2. Fill in the quote request from our website or email us and we will send you a request for service form you can use to provide us with the detail needed to provide a quote.

3. Based on this information, Telarc will provide a quote for the certification.

4. When we send you the quote, we will include a self-evaluation checklist that breaks down what you need to have implemented to meet the requirements of the standard and be ready for the audit. The checklist does not replace the standard, but is provided as a courtesy to save you the trouble of working through the full document. You can use the checklist to determine to what extent you already meet the requirements to become certified, and which gaps need to be addressed.

5. Once we have the signed contract back, Telarc will agree on a date for Telarc certification auditors to come to your premises and audit your systems and processes against the requirements of the standard.

6. The first step is to conduct a Stage One audit, typically a desktop review.

7. The next step is to conduct a Stage Two audit, usually 4 to 8 weeks later.

8. Once any non-conformances have been closed out, you will gain certification and be registered on the JAS-ANZ register. A Telarc certificate will be issued soon after.

9. After you have achieved certification, Telarc will perform an annual audit to ensure that your organisation still meets the required standards and continues to identify improvements in the business.