Public Safety

Preventing harm to both the public and property is vital to the industry and the onus is on providers to deliver consistent assessment, development and reporting via a safety management system.

The NZS 7901 standard covers electricity generation, transmission and distribution, the distribution of gas and the operation of these networks. It requires careful adherence and meticulous evaluation. In return it provides ongoing confidence to the provider and the public.

As the only NZS 7901 accredited auditing body, Telarc ensures your company can continue operating with this vital peace of mind.

Achieving certification: The process.

We are New Zealands largest auditing body. We conduct audits with expert, experienced individual auditors who are backed with the resources of an industry-leading company. We are proactive in our approach; ensuring clients can implement and continually improve their system in accordance with the standard.

After our initial assessment we can then clarify where any gaps in service delivery may be occurring and provide suggestions on how best practice may assist with system development and improvements.

Throughout this process we ensure communication is clear and that direction is cost-effective and efficient to act upon