Tōtika Construction Industry Pre-Qualification Scheme

September 17, 2020

Tōtika is designed to simplify and reduce the time cost to pre-qual for the supply of services to the construction and related industries. The Tōtika scheme provides an online register where you can upload your Telarc certificates to verify that you are certified to ISO 45001 or Q-Safe and qualify and meet the requirements of various categories within the new pre-qual system. Having your Telarc certificates uploaded means that buyers of construction-related services can conduct a simple search to see who is certified and is formally qualified under the Tōtika Scheme.

Telarc has worked closely with CHASNZ, the designers and owners of Tōtika , Regulators and Industry to ensure these changes and improvements benefit the industry, reducing the time and costs involved. Below is detail about Tōtika and why you should consider supporting this new approach as an industry.

Why do we need Tōtika ?

Many contractors across the New Zealand construction industry are required to complete multiple pre-qualification assessments to meet H&S pre-qualification assurance requirements for their clients. This repetition and duplication of effort (and cost) is likely to be having an overall negative impact on the safety of the work our people do every day. There is an absence of standardisation across H&S pre-qualification schemes and little recognition for external certification or assurance schemes.

How does Tōtika help?

Tōtika delivers cross-recognition for H&S pre-qualification through:

  • Clear operating standards for pre-qualification schemes;
  • Categories for contractors, to make it easy to know what is and isn't required;
  • A set of core requirements aligned to the contractor categories, so assessments are consistent; and
  • A single contractor register to enable client/buyer cross recognition of effort

What does Tōtika provide?

Tōtika provides the opportunity for contractors to have choice; to choose a single way to meet H&S pre-qualification expectations and to choose a way that suits their own and their client's needs.

Tōtika recognises ISO 45001 certification and Q-Safe as an alternative to a pre-qualification assessment.

Tōtika is a first for New Zealand, in terms of providing a single register that clients and other buyers of construction services can trust to provide their H&S pre-qualification assurance without placing conflicting and onerous compliance requirements on their supply chains.

How do I register?

It's quick, simple and free:

  • Click here to go through to the Tōtika registration page
  • Click 'register'
  • Provide a few details
  • Discover your category
  • Upload your ISO 45001 or Q-Safe certificate for verification

Once Tōtika has checked your certification, you will be placed on the register. All you have to do is upload a new certificate when this one expires (you will even be sent a reminder - just to make sure you keep your details up-to-date).

That's it; no catches!

For further information please call Craig 0272 445476.