Health & Safety


ISO 45001: the global occupational health and safety management system standard.


In March 2018, ISO 45001 was launched to replace the familiar

AS/NZS 4801/OHSAS 1800 standards in New Zealand.

ISO 45001 provides a framework to develop Health and Safety management systems which:

  • improve employee safety,
  • reduce workplace risks,
  • create better, safer working conditions,
  • is designed to help organisations of all sizes and industries.

These result in an organisation:

  • Reducing the cost and time disruption of incidents,
  • Reducing absenteeism and employee turnover rates,
  • Reducing the costs of compliance and an organisation’s ability to meet regulatory H&S requirements,
  • Gaining recognition for achieving an international benchmark, potentially opening new business opportunities.

The new standard will place increased emphasis on the
organisation’s context, risk management, and the role of top

ISO 45001 completes the suite of ISO management system
standards, adding to ISO ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001
(environment). Consistency will allow relatively easy migration
from using an existing OH&S management system standard to
using ISO 45001.

The new standard is set to replace the AS/NZS 4801/OHSAS 18001
standard within 2 to 3 years of publication.

Why has the standard changed?

  • To help more organisations reduce work related accidents,injuries and illness through wider and better implementation of OHS Management Systems.
  • To offer more detailed guidance on development of a Health and Safety management system, based on global research and experience.
  • To more specifically identify and reduce risk factors across all components of a business.
  • To ensure OSH is woven into the overall management system of the organisation and its strategic planning. This means a much stronger buy-in from its management and leadership.
  • To put greater emphasis on the wider ‘context’ or environment a business operates in.

ISO 45001 – the benefits

  • Helps put appropriate management systems in place, designed to reduce each organisation’s health & safety risks within the workplace;
  • H&S becomes a larger part of each organisation’s culture, incorporating employees at all levels;
  • Results in reductions in staff turnover, absenteeism, lost production and more;
  • Brings consistent approach to Health and Safety Management across your site(s);
  • Productivity and reputational gains on offer through a H&S Management System certified to a major international benchmark;
  • Integrates with other recognised management system standards

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